About Us –

Patangarh is a small but full of cultural art village in the Dindori district of Madhya Pradesh. This place seems backward because it is a tribal area, but the colors of Gond culture resides in every particle of this village, this makes this place even more beautiful. This art is not only an invaluable heritage given to this tribe by their ancestors but has also been a means of their livelihood. The unique thing about this art is the peeping tribal life and their culture.

Due to the demand of time, the youth of this region had to find new means for their livelihood, unlike this Gond art which has been going on for years, this made the elders of this region also fear the disappearance of this precious heritage. Many institutions started different programs in this district to preserve and uplift the art. Various workshops were organized under this program and, the youths of the district were made aware of their art.

Sometimes due to the instability of an organization, and due to some other reasons, these programs could not be run smoothly. In such a situation, the District Administration Dindori, and Pradan Sangathan came forward and join hands with J.G.S.S.M,Patangarh the Gond Art Conservation Committee about four years ago to preserve this fading art and give it a new dimension. The unique thing about this committee is that the people involved are the ones who belong to this village and have been associated with Gond art for years. They have patronized it.

The task of the committee is to introduce old and interested artists who are associated with Gond art to the new youth. They want to preserve it and, teach the next generation and propagate this beautiful art. Under this committee, three basic, professional, and advanced workshops have been conducted in the village. These well-known artists are closely aware of the creativity of Gond art and teach it to the youth. The youth of this village who learn this art are not only respected but also made it a means of their livelihood.

The district administration has been continuously promoting this art through different platforms provided in collaboration with Dindori. Pradan has decided to launch www.gondarts.com, a web portal dedicated to this art. This website is designed by Pallavi Pathak, who is the founder of a digital company called https://rejoycedigital.com. She is also a content writer and digital marketer.

https://rejoycedigital.com will promote this portal in various mediums of social media. This initiative, will not only get these artists the right value of their art but will also give Patangarh and, Gond art its rightful place on the map of the country and international recognition. By visiting this web portal, we can get information about Gond  art and all the programs for its upliftment in one place.

Gond Arts Conservation Committee, which has been running smoothly for many years, and is marching to make hundreds of youth self-reliant through this art under its three-tier learning program. These youngsters have inherited the virtues of painting. But in this effort to save and decorate it, the District Administration Dindori and Pradan’s contribution can’t be ignored.